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Deer hunting can be an interesting and compensating experience for any tracker. Be that as it may, deer have a sharp feeling of smell and can undoubtedly identify human fragrance, making it challenging to have close enough for a chance. That is the reason numerous trackers use cover fragrances to veil their human scent and increment their odds of coming out on top. In this article, we’ll investigate the top cover aromas for best deer feeders and what to consider while picking the best one.

What are Cover Aromas?

Cover aromas are normal or engineered smells that are utilized to veil the human fragrance that trackers emanate. They work by making a fragrance boundary that can impede or decrease the location of human fragrance by deer. These aromas can be applied to clothing, hunting gear, or straightforwardly to the skin.

Sorts of Cover Aromas

There are a few sorts of cover fragrances accessible available. Each type has its one of a kind elements and advantages. Here are the most well-known kinds of cover fragrances:

Earth cover aromas – These fragrances are gotten from normal sources like soil, leaves, and grass. They are compelling in veiling human aroma since they impersonate the regular scents of the climate.

Creature cover aromas – These fragrances are gotten from creatures like deer, elk, or bear. They work by copying the fragrance of the creature that the tracker is focusing on, which can make them less dubious.

Food cover aromas – These fragrances are gotten from food sources like oak seeds, apples, or corn. They work by making a natural fragrance that can draw in deer to a particular region.

Engineered cover fragrances – These aromas are misleadingly made to copy regular aromas. They are many times more powerful than regular fragrances and can be utilized to actually conceal human aroma.

Top Cover Fragrances for Deer Hunting

Untamed life Exploration Center Brilliant Estrus – This fragrance is gotten from the pee of a doe in heat, making it a magnificent attractant for bucks during the rutting season.

Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Groove Buck Draw – This fragrance is likewise gotten from the pee of a doe in heat, yet it is mixed with other regular aromas to make it more powerful in drawing in bucks.

Code Blue Doe Pee – This fragrance is gotten from the pee of a doe and is utilized to cover human aroma and draw in deer to a particular region.

Tracker’s Strengths New Earth Cover Aroma – This fragrance is gotten from normal earth sources and can be utilized to really conceal human aroma.

Fragrance Executioner Gold – This fragrance is an engineered cover fragrance that is intended to kill human smell and keep trackers fragrance free for a lengthy period.

Elements to Consider while Picking a Cover Fragrance

Sort of Hunting – Consider the kind of hunting you’ll do while choosing a cover fragrance. On the off chance that you’re hunting during the rutting season, a fragrance that draws in bucks might be more viable.

Climate – Consider the climate wherein you’ll chase. A food fragrance might be more powerful in a cornfield, while an earth fragrance might be more successful in a lush region.

Individual Inclination – Eventually, the cover fragrance you pick will boil down to individual inclination. Try different things with various aromas to find the one that turns out best for you.


Utilizing cover fragrances can be a powerful method for concealing human aroma and increment your odds of coming out on top while deer hunting. There are a few kinds of cover fragrances accessible, and each has its novel elements and advantages. While picking a cover fragrance, consider the kind of hunting you’ll do, the climate wherein you’ll chase, and your own inclinations. With the right cover fragrance, you’ll be well en route to an effective hunting season.

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